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At Sound Dimension, our main mission is to create sound design elements which people can download and use immediately, with as few hassles as possible. Call us old school, but we’re tired of the way most sound sites treat their customers. So we like doing things very differently…

All of our FREE Content is Direct Download… which means the following:

- No forcing you to wade through 5 screens of "YOU MIGHT WANT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT” when all you want is to do is get to downloading the free content.
- No Twitter, Instagram, YouTube “Follow Me for FREE stuff” nonsense.
- No sending you off to some third-party web site to go through the hassle of entering your email just to get sent a link to download your free content.


FREE DOWNLOAD - SQ80 V - Ultimate Patches Pack - 4,500 Patches!

Mac Music Workstation

Arturia has recently released the SQ80 V synth VST which is based on the 1980’s Ensoniq SQ-80 hardware version. While this instrument comes packed with presets, it also allows for installing old .syx patches from the original Ensoniq SQ-80. Over the past few decades, people have been creating and collecting hundreds of these patches and the repository for these can be found on this Gearspace page.

Installing patches from the Gearspace collection in their raw form is quite tricky and time-consuming due to the fact that each .syx patch requires it’s own folder to show up in the VST bank. We have made the entire process of installation take minutes instead of hours by creating the necessary folders and removing all duplicate versions. You can download the entire zipped contents, including installation instructions, for both Mac and PC, by clicking on the link below:

Ambientia Cinematic Soundscapes 

The Ambientia Cinematic Soundscapes ReFill features lush textures and beautiful pads for creating incredibly atmospheric music. With over 1,390 patches and samples covering Reason's standard instruments and effects, this ReFill is sure to inspire your musical creativity.

String Theory - Friktion Modeled Strings

The String Theory ReFill is a collection of stringed instruments including, basses, cellos, violas, violins... and a whole lot more. From classical tones to cinematic pads and textures, this Reason ReFill has over 130 patches including a variety of instruments and effects.

Algoritmo Sound Pack

The Algoritmo Sound Pack contains 250+ patches for Reason's Algoritm FM Synthesizer. Included are Bass, Leads, Pads, Percussion, Plucks, Bells, Mallets, Poly & Keys, Rhythmic, Textures & FX patches. 

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Algoritmo - Algoritm FM Synth Patches